Novatel Wireless Announces Development Of Its Third Generation GSM/GPRS PC Card

Novatel Wireless Announces Development Of Its Third Generation GSM/GPRS PC Card

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - February 19, 2002 - Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq:NVTL), a leading provider of wireless data access solutions, today announced the development of its third generation GSM/GPRS Wireless PC card product. The Merlin G300TM Series enables access to 900/1800/1900 GSM and GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) networks globally. The Merlin G300 Series PC Cards enable wireless data at speeds up to 53.6 kbps over GPRS networks for a range of applications, including Internet, email, and corporate database access, as well as wireless data transfer over circuit switched GSM networks, SMS, fax, and voice applications.

Novatel Wireless will be conducting live demonstrations of the Merlin G301 at 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France. The commercially shipping dual band Merlin G201 Wireless PC Card Modem, as well as the tri-band Expedite G301 Embedded Modem, will also be demonstrated at their stand, E-16 in Hall 2.

"As further evidence of Novatel Wireless' leadership position across all mobile technologies, we are proud to announced the development of our third generation GSM/GPRS PC Card for wireless networks worldwide. Our GSM/GPRS product programs are proceeding very well," said John Major, CEO of Novatel Wireless. "Feedback from our current installed base of GPRS PC Card products gives us and our customers strong confidence that future products, like the Merlin G300 Series, will continue to meet the high expectations of the marketplace."


The Merlin G300 Series is a true Type II PC Card that works with any operating system. The application software simplifies user interaction with popular operating systems and provides an integrated environment for SMS, fax, and dialer functionality. GPRS capabilities result in an "Always On" experience, so that the user can access data wirelessly at the click of a button. Switching over to GSM-based applications like Text Messaging, Fax, and voice calls is equally simple, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

The Merlin G300 Series will offer standard GSM voice capabilities allowing the user to originate and receive calls from a laptop or Pocket PC device.


GPRS is an exciting new wireless technology standard which has profoundly altered and improved the data services available over GSM-based wireless networks. An over-the-air system for transmitting data on GSM networks, GPRS technology converts data into standard Internet packets, enabling interoperability between the Internet and the GSM network, and providing the user with an "Always On" experience. One of the great strengths of GSM is its international reach, giving consumers seamless service in over 170 countries around the world. This has been a vital driver in growth, with over 645 million GSM subscribers globally, representing over 67% of all handsets.

GPRS wireless technology employs extensive authentication and encryption via standard GSM algorithms, making it one of the most secure public wireless systems in the world. The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM card), a key component of the GSM network, stores the authentication and encryption algorithms, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to capture and decipher messages.


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