Inseego’s 5G NR Solutions Highlight Leadership at 5G World Summit

  • Inseego will showcase its 5G NR mobile and fixed wireless solutions, now undergoing tests and trials and being deployed by numerous mobile operators worldwide
  • Inseego CMO and EVP of IoT and Mobile Solutions, Ashish Sharma, to participate in a live panel session on the evolution of wireless network infrastructure towards 5G
  • Inseego’s 5G mobile hotspot telemedicine trials with Verizon and Columbia University named 5G World Awards finalist

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 12, 2019-- Inseego Corp. (Nasdaq: INSG), a pioneer in 5G and intelligent IoT device-to-cloud solutions, is showcasing its industry-leading 5G NR innovations at 5G World Summit in London this week. Inseego CMO and EVP of IoT and Mobile Solutions, Ashish Sharma, will also be participating in a live panel session, June 13, discussing the evolution of wireless network infrastructure towards 5G deployment.

“Our 5G NR mobile and fixed wireless solutions, based on our patented MiFi® technology, are making 5G a reality for consumers and enterprises worldwide, and we’re thrilled to be sharing our unique insights with the industry in London,” said Ashish Sharma, CMO and EVP of IoT & Mobile Solutions at Inseego. “We’re also pleased that our 5G NR demo with Verizon and Columbia University, which showcased a mobile 5G hotspot tethered to VR equipment for a remote physical therapy session, has been named a finalist for the ‘Most Innovative 5G Trial’ award at the show.”

Inseego will display its full portfolio of 5G NR solutions, featuring patented 5G MiFi® iQ technology, enterprise-grade data security, and support for both mmWave and Sub-6 GHz deployments:

  • Mobile: 5G NR mobile hotspotsfor North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and other regions — Data-hungry consumers and enterprise users can now take advantage of high-throughput, low-latency 5G NR performance simply by connecting their devices (laptops, tablets, TVs, smartphones, AR/VR headsets, robots and more) to a 5G MiFi hotspot.* With a 5G MiFi hotspot, a new generation of real-time, immersive experiences are now becoming a reality.

    A single MiFi hotspot supports up to 16 connected devices (15 by Wi-Fi + 1 by Ethernet), with enterprise-grade security, optimized antenna performance, power-saving features and long battery life to deliver the best possible 5G NR experiences.
  • Fixed Wireless: Inseego 5G NR routers areleading the way in bringing fixed wireless broadband to homes and offices in markets worldwide. These easy-to-deploy solutions give subscribers an alternative to hard-wired internet connections, and bring high-speed wireless access to underserved neighborhoods and regions that can’t easily be reached by cable, copper or fiber.

    Inseego fixed wireless routers feature4x4 MIMO, power over Ethernet (POE) and Wi-Fi 6 to provide fast, reliable, secure in-home connectivity and networking.
  • IoT: A powerful line of 5G NR industrial IoT routers and gateways will help transform global enterprises by enabling new IoT applications that require low latency and very high throughput. Smart cities, connected transportation and industries with distributed, connected infrastructure (e.g., energy, utilities, transportation) will all benefit from Inseego’s intelligent, secure device-to-cloud solutions.

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