Robert Pons

Mr. Pons, age 62, was originally appointed to the board of directors of Novatel Wireless, Inc. in October 2014 pursuant to the terms of the Investors’ Rights Agreement and became a member of the Board in connection with the internal reorganization that was completed in November 2016. Mr. Pons is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Spartan Advisors Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in telecom and technology companies. From May 2014 until January 2017, he was Executive Vice President of Business Development and from September 2011 until June 2016 was on the board of directors, of HC2 Holdings, Inc. (“HC2”) (NYSE MKT: HCHC), a publicly traded diversified holding company with a diverse array of operating subsidiaries, including telecom/infrastructure, construction, energy, technology, gaming and life sciences. From February 2011 to April 2014, Mr. Pons was Chairman of Live Micro Systems, Inc. (formerly Livewire Mobile), a comprehensive one-stop digital content solution for mobile carriers. From January 2008 until February 2011, Mr. Pons was Senior Vice President of TMNG Global (now Cartesian), a leading provider of professional services to the telecommunications industry and the capital formation firms that support it. From January 2003 until April 2007, Mr. Pons served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Uphonia, Inc. (previously SmartServ Online, Inc.), a wireless applications service provider. From March 1999 to August 2003, Mr. Pons was President of FreedomPay, Inc., a wireless device payment processing company. During the period January 1994 to March 1999, Mr. Pons was President of Lifesafety Solutions, Inc., a software company catering to 911 call centers. Mr. Pons currently serves as a board advisor to Clique, a voice communications API platform. Mr. Pons previously served on the boards of directors of Network-1 Technologies, Inc., Arbinet Corporation, PTGi, Inc., HC2, Proxim Wireless Corporation, MRV Communications, Inc., DragonWave-X and Concurrent Computer Corporation. Mr. Pons holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rowan University with Honors. Mr. Pons has over 30 years of management experience with telecommunications companies including MCI, Inc., Sprint, Inc. and Geotek, Inc. Mr. Pons’s experience serving on public company boards of directors, his knowledge and expertise as a pioneer in the telecommunications industry and his experience as a senior level executive working in the telecommunications industry provide a relevant and informed background for him to serve as a member of our Board, a member of the Audit Committee of our Board (the “Audit Committee”) and as Chair for each of the Compensation Committee of our Board (the “Compensation Committee”) and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

Independent Director
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